Our Community


The Burmese community in Western Australia consists of approximately 5,500 Burma-born persons, which is about 45 percent of the Nation’s total Burmese population of around 12,000 persons and growing. Like the country of Burma, the Burmese population in Australia is also very diverse consisting of Burmans, Karens, Chins, Mons, Kachins, Rakhines and Shans other Burmese ethnic groups and Anglo-Burmese of mixed heritage.

Early migration from Burma to Australia started in the 1960s through to the 1980s of Anglo-Burmese and Burman peoples as skilled migrants, followed presently and mostly by the Karen, Chin and other groups in Australia’s refugee and humanitarian assistance program. The Burmese community in Australia have integrated well into Australian society and are thankful for the warm generosity of the Australian Government and people. Australia continues to have the second largest humanitarian intake of refugees in the world of approximately 12,000 persons under which in recent years many of the Karen and Chin peoples have been accepted from the  border regions of Burma.

With nearly 50 years of migration of Burma-borne people into Australia the Burmese and Australian communities have forged close bonds and relationships that cannot be broken. A visit to any of our events and activities will show the degree of integration of our communities. The descendants of  this integration are now into their third generation of Burmese-Australians.

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