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How kind of you – thank you Denzil -

Read the pages the Burmese Ass. send out – we are so pleased of the good work you guys do and it touched our hearts that in one orphanage girls and boys all wore the same outfits sigh!-

The need seems so great - please keep going, God is looking at what BAWA does – thanks to all the people working with you – if younger we would have loved to be working with you, ......alas!!.

Sincere regards to you, also to your lovely wife – God willing we catch up soon –

Terry and Theresia
Sunday 18th August 2013

Dear Denzil

We are so thankful to you for your daily prayers support. Please also know that we are also praying for all of you. We do not know how much to thank you on the children ministry here in Myanmar. All the children are doing good at this time.

Thank you so much for sending the funds for the children  $2000.00 = Ks.1,810,000.
As soon as we have received this funds, As we  begin admit all the children to school, all the children are so excited for their new class to the school it is because of your prayers for them in education.

May the Lord bless you and also to BAWA organization for your great contribution and all of you there.

Respectfully In Christ

29th May 2013

Dear Denzil & BAWA

We are so glad to receive your mind an e-mail. All is well here by the grace of God and for your daily prayers support. Thank you for your prayers support.

I am happy to tell you that all the children have passed their final examination from grade 1 to 10. For the grade 11 the result has not come out yet and we are not yet able to know for grade 11.

I am so thankful to you that you have paid all the tuition fees for the children and so that they are able to studied well and passed their final examination.

Thank you so much  for your love for the children and that please continue to pray about their good health and good education. Not only they pass the exam they good a good distinction on their study lessons.

We do not know how to thanks to you but the lord will really bless you as you made a support for the children in Dalla.Tsp. Myanmar.

May God bless you and your family

Respectfully In Christ
28th May 2013

Thanks for a great night at the 48th. last night, we had a great night, well done, congratulations on yet another fantastic show..........

PS: Denzil,

1 I was not drunk, just happy ;)

Michael Hutton
26th May 2013

Hi Denzil,

I just wanted to say thank you for last night, BAWA’s 48th Anniversary.
We had a wonderful time and our friends did as well.
Thank you also for the tickets and for your kind words.
I don't know what I have done to deserve them but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless,
Shirley Olivari

26th May 2013

"great web page Uncle Denzil. Makes me want to come and help if I had the time. Will definitely visit it again to see up coming events."

Janice Timms
17th May 2013

Hi Denzil
Reg has done a fantastic job with the update of the website.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

Jean and Ivan Cussack
17th May 2013

Thanks everyone who made this day (Thingyan) so enjoyable.

Winnie Kaiser
15th April 2013

Dear Uncle Denzil & MC

Greetings! Thanks for your visit to our convent. I am sorry that I miss your visit. I urgently had to go to Thailand for a meeting. The sisters share with me about your visit. Sr.Rebecca told me that the "Burmese Association" is interesting in helping our Leadership Training Program. I am so happy to hear that. I will be very happy to discuss about this program for the future plan. Many young girls approach us but we are very limited with the space for the girls and running cost else well.

Give our special thanks to all your friends and associate. We all keep you in our prayers.

With grateful heart,
29th April 2013

Hi Denzil,

Thanks for an excellent day (Water Festival).
Just wanted to say I enjoyed it, was sorry I had to leave early.
The dancers were fantastic, hope they enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed the dance. The food, yummy.
Aunty Betty is one in a billion, she puts us to shame, at her age she has more stamina, grace and caring than most people could wish for.
Making this brief. I think you've done a great job putting this together, proud of you.
See you next weekend. Till then get some rest, you deserve it.
Love and best to you and Ivy.

15th April 2013

Dear Denzild,

Thanks. I am so  happy and proud you and the group went to see Zawgyi, Sinkaing and Mhawbi. I am in Sydney attending the session. It is good for me and for the Congregation. I am fine.

I will be back in Perth end of June from there I will go to Rome and I will go back to Myanmar. Please give my love to your group of friends. I remember all of you in my prayers. You too doing wonderful work for the poor children. I am very proud of your group. Thanks for everything what you have done for us. Always all of you are in my prayers.

Union in Christ,
Sr.Marie Kyi.
4th March 2013

Hi, Brian, Denise & Denzil,

Firstly let me say a big thank you to the members of BAWA committee for letting me tag along on your visits to the Dallah & Hmawbi Orphanages.

Dallah Orphanage was a very heartfelt and soul searching moment, it was a very moving experience for myself. To be welcomed by the children playing guitar an performing a welcome dance & song was very touching indeed. To see the humble abode they so happily and cheerfully call home was very touching and very emotional.

But it was very pleasing to see the help that was given to them by Members of BAWA that enabled those orphans to establish themselves and get a small foot hold in the world. The help given in the form of food, blankets, clothing, education, electric fans from donations by the members makes one proud to be associated with an organisation such as BAWA.

There was more help given in the form of w/boots and warmer blankets and bags of rice & oil was much needed and greatly appreciated. The joy on the faces of those orphans when each was given a toy of their choice is truely a sight to behold although their's was the basic minimum, they still went to great length to see that food & drinks was provided for ourselves. That 's no surprise as that's the Burmese all over.

The help given in various forms is something every member of BAWA can look back with pride and know that they helped
those less fortunate to live in dignity. Keep up the good work and should anyone have any doubts about the good work being done by your Association I'm sure once they accompany one such trip would bring pride to be associated with BAWA.

Now for Hmawbi, the gratitude shown by the girls for the sewing machine and the sewing classes that it enabled them to estabish in order that they could get an occupation in life was greatly appreceated by all. I was also told that it is also enabling the girls to take in contractual for that is bringing in some money towards the maintance of their orphanage.

All I would like to say in closing is, WELL DONE EVERYONE @ BAWA, KEEP UP THE GOOD & WORTHY CAUSES AND CONGRATULATION TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF BAWA COMMITTEE FOR SEARCHING OUT SUCH WORTHY CAUSES. My wife and myself are proud of your efforts and proud to belong to such a caring association as BAWA.

Thanks for the experience, keep up the good work.

P&M Isaac
March 2013

Congratulations Denzil for the superb website of BAWA.  Every item is so well presented, up to date and attractive.  We hope that the inauguration of the Fete in Maddington was a huge success and there will be many, many more varieties for the next time.

We have booked ourselves for the Members lunch on March 24 and will be distributing the water festival brochures to the 3 Burmese shops here.

Well done!

Tony and Mary
24th February 2013

Hi Denzil

Thanks, and looking forward to another great night in May.

My wife and I like to congratulate you and your committee on the quality of your dances, it does stand out from the others. By this I mean it is so well organized and  hassle free so everyone has a great night, and that’s what it is all about. Keep up the good work.

Take care till we meet again.

17th February 2013

Hi Denzil

It’s a pleasure to be involved with The Burmese Association, you are very open minded and encouraging.

The NGGG Youth Group
10th February 2013

Hi Denzil,

You guys are doing a tremendous job, keep up the good work.

9th February 2013

Hi Denzil

Welcome back! This is great marketing to recruit new membership.

Well done!

8th February 2013

Hi Denzil,

thanks for the invitation which I will also pass on to family and friends with a view to promoting membership.

Eugene Dennis
8th February 2013

Dear Denzil and Michael,

Thanks for publicizing the film night, as I’d say 3/4 of the 60+ people who attended found out about it through the Burmese Association of WA network, including the announcement on your website. Ma Mar was over the moon after it all, saying it was the most engaged reception of her film that she had yet encountered at any screening. Thanks again for your help facilitating this event.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Acciaioli
Anthropology and Sociology M255
School of Social and Cultural Studies
University of Western Australia
6th December 2012

No worries Denzil, as always none of this would have happened without your hard work and leadership so thanks to you also. My special thanks to Michael Alexander, Sean and Ron for helping me hump my gear, very much appreciated guys.

Michael Hutton

Dear Denzil,

Thanks you very much for your gifts what you have sent  for our poor Children. Please tell your group we are playing for all of you. I told Zaw gyi Sisters I got the gift for the Children. August I will go to zaw gyi and explain to them what and how to use for the Children. After that only I will give what we use for them.

Thanks be to God and thanks for your love and care for us.

Love and Prayers,

Sr.Marie Kyi.
22nd September 2012

Received a SMS  from a group that I sold tickets, Cheryl Deakin ”Thanks Denise and the Committee for a well decorated, organised and fabulous fund raising night.  God will bless you all for your efforts”.     

18th September 2012

Hope you have recovered from your W/E Charity dance  it was a great night we all enjoyed ourselves apart from the catering not every one of us like to eat rice & curry @ night there was a lack of finger food on sale I thought I'd give you some feedback.

17th September 2012

Dear Uncle Denzil,

Greetings from Myanmar!

I received the donation of 2,430,000Kyats for our Health Care Ministry in Yangon on the 21st June 2012. They told me that they will sent the receipt to you directly and they also asked me to sent voice mail to you. I hope you get it.

Thanks Uncle for your kindness
With this email, I also inclose a thank you note for your friends of the Burmese Association.

May God Bless you.

Sister Assumpta
22nd June 2012

Dear Uncle Denzil,

Thank you very much for you and the Burmese Association of Western Australia has raised and approved funds amounting to $ 3000.00 for use of the Health Care Ministry. I really grateful for you kindness toward  the poor people in Myanmar. It will be a grate help for our poor patients who come for the treatment. We may not able to run this ministry without the generosity of the people like you.

I will let you know as soon as I received the donation.

With gratitude,
Sr. Assumpta
13th June 2012

Dear Denzil

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are fine by the grace of God and for your prayer.By the way now two boys increase in our children. One boy has lost his Mother and his father get married. One have divorce the family.

We will be admitting all the children to school on May 23,2012. We will addmit them by your financial support, we will let them go their tuition. We are so thankful to all of you.

May God bless you and your family.

Yours In Christ

Joshua (Bethesda Orphanage)
11th June 2012

Dear Sir,

How are you?  We hope, God bless with you and your life. We can saying, Our orphan children start learning education if your help and kindness. So we have very thanking God if you. Our land is many raining this time. God bless in your charity.......  

Win Maung (Parami Orphanage)
9th June 2012

Dear Niki
Happy Myanmar New Year to you and your family.
We both were surprised to hear your announcement on Sunday, wishing for our anniversary. Many thanks Niki, so thoughtful of you to remember our 23rd anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been 23rd years and still happily married. We just came back from our belated anniversary lunch on Sunday and resting when we heard your announcement. Normally Ko Errol never around when I listened to your radio  program on Sundays. You sounds very professional, confident and I can sense that you are enjoying your work. Aunty Gracie also enjoyed the program when you are on board, so keep up the good work!
I was planning to call your cell and thank you, but I don't have your cell phone number. Would you care to give me when you read this email?
With metta
Ma Ma Gyi
19th April 2011

Hi Denzil,

Thank you for forwarding the BAWA website, we appreciate and thank you for all your good work and helping us unite in your special ways, we will be visiting the website often to keep in touch, best wishes.

Charles & Maryann
8 August 2009

Dear Uncle Denzil,

This is a very good website. Nothing more nothing less. Just right. Well done to all of you. Regards,

4 August 2009

Still browsing and proud of the website.

If yet to, would be nice to have a page for comments and contributions from members and community.

This page will generate feedback and fresh ideas from members communication passage. Positive as well as negative comments always assist to improve the works and functions Management Committee, members and the community.

2 August 2009

President, Management Committee and those assisted in producing the BAWA website, Congratulations!!!

Neat, nice and cool

2 August 2009

Dear Mr. President,

What an amazing, stunning and awe-inspiring website.

Please pass on my deep-felt congratulations to all involved. I am indulging in pride on behalf of all.

1 August 2009

Hi Denzil,

Will try to come on the Wednesday, but unfortunately won't be able to on the Saturday, already tied up on that date. The BAWA site looks great, throughly enjoyed looking through the photo gallery. A big congrates to all those and the tireless time all of you, especially you Denzil have put in.

Love Moira
1 August 2009


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