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BAWA holds a Charitable Collections Licence number 21159 issued by the Department of Commerce WA. The holder of such licences is authorised to conduct the following:

  • the collection of monies and goods from the public by way of the sale of any disc, badge, token, flower or other

    A Little Change can Change a LIFE
  • the conduct of any entertainment or function where admission is charged and all or part proceeds are said to go to a charitable purpose;
  • advertising that all or part proceeds from any event are to go to charitable purposes; and
  • the donation of goods ie the operation of clothing bins and op-shops for charitable purposes.

Our Charity Objectives include: Mission Statement, Target Beneficiary groups; accompanying Programs and Processes of Fund Raising/Management/Expenditure; Promotion and Attraction of Donors/Sponsors; and finally feedback and reporting to our Donors/Sponsors, our Membership, and the WA Government.

Mission Statement:

To provide Charitable Support and Funds for the needy (predominantly in Myanmar) with the objectives of meeting their Basic Essential Needs, and supporting them to grow and develop through self-sustainability.

Basic Essential Needs are described by the Psychologist Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, the most Basic physiological needs are obvious – they are the literal requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body simply cannot continue to function.

The Basic Essential Needs in priority are seen to be:

  1. Air, water, and food.
  2. Environmental needs such as clothing, lighting and shelter provide necessary protection from the elements.
  3. Hygiene/sanitation facilities.
  4. Affordable community wide medical treatment (eg. vaccinations, eye treatment) and medicines. Also support for specific disease outbreak, or natural disaster emergency medical relief. Excluding treatment for individuals requiring one-off specialised/expensive treatment.
  5. Education and development.

Secondary, supplementary requirements are seen to be: Transportation, Communication and social Support Services.

Self-Sustainability Need:

The focus is to be on providing Basic items or services of a durable nature that provide ongoing value and service to the community. It is the intention of this Charity Program that assistance and support will be provided to the Orphanages to enable them to move and develop towards a Self-sustaining environment to meet their Basic Needs.

Some basic ideas are seen to be establishing farming/breeding of poultry, chicken/ducks/pigs; and growing of vegetables – as suitable, and where land is available.

Another option is to provide support/tools for skills that will be useful in their Non-Food related Basic Needs, that may also generate their own income streams. Some ideas are to provide sewing machines as this is a basic clothing repair/manufacture skill set, and/or some basic carpentry/maintenance tools to enable them repair/maintain their shelter environment.

No support or services of a political/religious nature are to be provided.  However support  may be provided to communities/Orphanages that may be operated by various religious or political organisations.

Fund Raising and Support Programs:

A dedicated Charity sub-account is used to hold monies raised from various fundraising events throughout the year, providing a detailed and clear audit trail in accordance with the requirements.

We will also promote and interact with individuals who want to be major Sponsors, or be in specific projects of support. BAWA will be the lead or ‘umbrella group’ with due involvement, feedback to and acknowledgement of the Sponsors.

Support provided thus far:

  • Bethesda Orphanage Childrens Home, Dalla Township, Rangoon
  • Parami Orphanage Center, Dalla Township, Rangoon
  • St Joseph’s Mission, Zawgyi Orphanage, Zawgyi Township, Mandalay
  • Good Shepherd Sister’s Health Ministry, Bogyoke Aung San St, Rangoon
  • Good Shepherd Orphanage, Magyikwin, Tarawaddy Township, Bago Division
  • St. Joseph's Mission, Sewing Centre, Hmawbi, Rangoon Township
  • Mingalaba Duck Poultry Farming Project - Hmawbi, in support of Mercy & Grace Child Care Ministry, Hmawbi, Rangoon Township
  • Perth Bushfires 2014
  • Haiti Earthquake 2010
  • Vanuatu Cyclone 2015
  • Nepal Earthquake 2015

Members of the Community who are interested either to be financial donors, or be more actively involved as Co-Sponsor are encouraged to contact any member of the Management Committee and express their interest.

Michael Hutton

8 April 2016

You can also make a secured donation by using

Distribution of funds to Orphanages in Burma for 2014 are as follows:

Zaw Gyi Orphanage (School fees, food, clothing for the children) $3,500.00
Zaw Gyi Orphanage (Kitchen renovation) $1,500.00
Hmawbi Sewing Classes $3,000.00
Hmawbi Plantation $3,000.00
Good Shepherd Health Care Ministry (Leadership Program & Magyikwin Orphanage) $5,000.00
Bethesda Dalla Orphanage (School fees, food and clothing) $2,000.00
Mingalabar (Spectacles for the aged) $300.00


Charity Dances - 2012 

As part of its fund raising for Charity, BAWA runs 2 Charity Dances a year from where all profits and donations are set aside for the charity Orphanages, Homes for Aged and other Welfare community groups being supported in Burma.

We had our first Dinner & Dance in February 2012 at the Sicilian Club, at $30 a person including dinner, which was a success with about 300 guests attending.  The music and entertainment was non-stop with the Hot-Hot-Hot Cabaret band, and DJ Apollo, keeping all the couples up-and-dancing, and the Line Dancers strutting their stuff. Catering was provided by SoSo, and was served by MC members and helpers.

We had our second, bi-annual Charity dance In September 2012, again at the Sicilian Club which provides a suitable ambience and  decorum  for these dances. Learning from our February dance, this was a full day event with the Line Dancers being specially catered for by DJ Apollo from Noon to 5pm, which was attended by about 140 LD’s. Some of them even stayed on for the main Dance event which carried on from 7pm – midnight. The band for the night was ‘The Flames’ who in their usual up-beat R&R music, together with ‘DJ Apollo’, had most of the guests kicking up their heels through the night. Again about 250 guests attended the night.

A new approach to raising funds and donations to Charity was trialed with the auction of a framed Painting. The auctioneer was the capable Reece Whitby, a previous Channel 9 celebrity and now a Labor candidate for the seat of Morley, who had the guests out bidding each other.  A very special thanks to Anne Kelly, who was the first successful bidder, and then kindly went onto re-donate her win.  The successful bidders of the second round were Sam & Patti Shortt with a princely donation.  A very special recognition to these people for their magnanimous gesture.

To all our attending guests who made these successful charity fund raising events, a message of Thanks:  “A Little Change Can Change A Life

View the photos of the September 2012 Charity Dance

View the photos of the September 2012 Charity Line Dance

Our Charity donations so far are as follows:

  1. $6254.50 for three artesian wells and a 1500 Lt water storage tanks in Mergue, Yenangyung and Toungoo Districts.
  2. $2000.00 to Bethesda Orphanage, Dalla for education supplies, food and clothing.
  3. $2000.00 to Parami Orphanage Youth Development Centre, Dalla for education supplies.
  4. $3000.00 to ZawGyi Orphanage (run by St. Joseph’s Sisters), for purchase of pigs, chickens, goats and two healthy Ox, and sewing machines (long term sustainability).
  5. $3000.00 to The Good Shepherd Health Care Ministry for Age Care Nutrition – Rangoon.
  6. $2000.00 to Betheada Orphanage, Dalla for a full year school fees for 19 children, food, educational materials and clothing (2013).
  7. $1547.00 to St. Joseph Orphanage ZawGyi for the construction of a water storage tank complete with metal frame (2013).
  8. $1500.00 to The Good Shepherd Health Care Ministry for the Age Care Nutrition - Rangoon (2013).
  9. $7215.00 to Mingalarba Children Care Ministry - Hmawbi Duck Poultry Farm for long term sustainability and independence.
  10. $1000.00 to St. Joseph's Orphanage - Zawgyi for the connection of electrical cables to supply power for the whole orphanage, the children don't have to use candles anymore.

Friends of BAWA who are directly involved with these Charity programs:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Shortt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Parnell
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kar
  • Mr. & Mrs. Derek Tabarias
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gasper
  • The late Mr Stanley Tabarias
  • Mrs. Jacqui St. John
  • Mr. & Mrs. Clive Eadon

There are many more individuals who have donated towards this great cause.


An account of BAWA's trip to Burma - January 2013

Our comprehensive Burmese Association trip to Burma comprised our President, Denzil D'Vauz, our Treasurer, Denise Alexander, Committee members Brian Alexander, Robena Kerth and Betty Johnson, members Betty Jacobs, Errol  Minus and Desmond Diaz, Claire and Julia.

So there were 10 of us and together we had a most interesting, wonderful and rewarding trip, visiting orphanages in Rangoon, Dellah, Mandalay, Maymyo, Zawgyi, Kalaw and Taungyi, interlacing this with some breaks, calling in at a few of Burma's highlights, like Pagan, Kyaikhtiyo, Popa and Inle, not forgetting Burma's brand new capital, Naypyidaw. When we got to Naypyidaw, we thought we were in another world!! It is truly grand.

For me, the two highlights of our trip was our visits to the orphanages in Dellah and Zawgyi. The Zawgyi orphanage was the place where all the Moulmein Convent boarders and orphans who were left in the care of the Sisters, were sent to during WW2 and this was the one place I always wanted to see and now at last my wish had been granted. The Dellah orphanage brought tears to my eyes. One has to see the conditions under which these children have to live, to accept the fact that they need a lot of help and love. So let us do all we can for them and the other needy children.

For Claire and Julia, this trip was an exciting, interesting and stirring experience.

Betty Johnson


Our holiday coincided with visits to 4 orphanages which the Burmese Asso. Support through kind donations from all our members and friends. As my cousin Peter said in his letter addressed to all members, we should be proud of what we have achieved as an Association; everyone has worked very hard to raise funds to support those orphans and hopefully will continue to do so.

The 1st orphanage we visited was in ‘Sin Kaing’ outside of Mandalay. That particular orphanage is doing quite well; they have a 2 storey house to live in and is well run by the nuns, who care for these girls who are aged between 13 – 17 I think. The day we visited  most of them were at the local school. The ones that were there ran a kindergarten for children from the village and they get a small income from that to help with daily expenses. At the moment one of the rooms is used for that activity and the other room downstairs is used as a classroom. A new room is being built for the kindy and the nuns are very happy as they can cater for more kids.

We delivered all the necessary goods required for day to day living i.e., rice, oil, salt, lentils and a few special extras, we left to go to Zawgyi together with Sister Martha who takes care of the 17 children there. We also took the necessary goods that they required and a few special treats.

When we got to Zawgyi, the children were so happy to welcome back Sister Martha who obviously cares for them wholeheartedly. All the children had on boys clothes, so we all naturally thought they were all boys, but, in fact they were all girls except for one little 3 year old, So sad to see the girls with boys clothes on, but, I’m sure with our help they will get to wear girls clothes and get to look like girls should!! They were very proud to show us all how the money they receive from us is used. They have any amount of chickens, many many hens well serviced by the resident rooster. The nuns sell the eggs and get money to carry on. They also have about 15 – 20 goats and 2 oxen, that are hired out to the villagers for a fee; and not forgetting the 5 pigs, one of which was heavily pregnant and had to be by herself till she gives birth to her babies who in turn will bring more money in to feed the children and sell.

Sad to say though, their main water tank is on it’s last legs, very rusty and falling apart , Our mission which is a priority is to send them money so that a new water tank can be purchased, because the river nearby is so polluted, they need proper drinking water, so as not to catch any water borne disease. The nuns there are doing a terrific job with these children and if it wasn’t for them and our donations, I wouldn’t like to imagine where these kids would end up.

Our next visit was to one of our poorest orphanages which is situated in Dalla. This orphanage is run by Pastor Joshau and wife Ruth who picked up these little children from the Irrawaddy delta region who lost either one or both parent  during cyclone NARGIS and started this Orphanage now called Bethesda. The dilapidated house they were living in needed to be demolished, but, you know, looking at the children with such happy faces you would never think that they were living in conditions unacceptable to us. Again we were made to feel so welcome by their singing, and we had one young boy to rival our Betty playing the guitar. For those children to have a future to look forward to we need to carry on our support, especially for their education. As they say education is knowledge and if our beloved homeland is to prosper it is the children of today and their education which will achieve this.

Once again it is thanks to Pastor Joshua and his wife Ruth who left their own home in the Chin States to look after these orphaned children and try to give them a future to look forward to, with our continued support.

To all our members out there, please don’t ever think that your donations are ever being misused. You only have to visit those places and you will soon know what impoverished conditions that they have to live in, compared to we have all come to take for granted living in this adopted land of plenty.

So in concluding I ask you all to please continue your valuable support whenever we have fund raising for our orphanages, be it in attending our shows or  in kind donations. Every cent is worthwhile as our slogan says  “A Little Change Can Change A Life.

Robena Kerth

Click here to view a slideshow of our February 2013 Charity visit to Burma

Letters from the Orphanages

Dear Denzil and friends of BAWA

We want to say the words of thank for receiving your generous funds 6,457,425 Kyats in Myanmar currency from U Myo Aung. We are very thankful  to you and donors for our Duck poultry Farming Project.

May I encourage all of you with the Holy word of God  “For the aministration of the service not only supplies the needs of the saints, but also is abounding through many thanksgivings to God. While, through the proof of this ministry, they glorify God for the obedience of your confession to the gospel of Christ, and for your liberal sharing with them and all men, and by their prayer for you,who long for you because of the exceeding grace of God in you. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! II Cor 9:12-15”

We will spent our time for preparation to built our poultry Farm this October. We hope that we can start our poultry farming project and we will profit for supporting of our children from our poultry farming project On November. Please remember  for our works about Poultry Farming Project.

We want to say once again that we are very thankful for your kindness and generous funds. May God bless you more.

We look forward to meet each other soon.

Yours in His vineyard
Rev.Cin Sian Pau
Mingalarba Children Care Ministry
18th October 2013


Dear Denzil and Management Committee,

We are so thankful to you for your daily prayers support. Please also know that we are also praying for all of you. We do not know how much to thank you on the children ministry here in Myanmar. All the children are doing good at this time.

Thank you so much for sending the funds for the children  $ 2000.00 = Ks. 1,810,000.

As we begin to admit all the children to school, all the children are so excited for their new class to the school it is because of your prayers for them in education.

May the Lord bless you and also to BAWA organization for your great contribution and all of you there.


Respectfully In Christ,

Betheada Orphanage, Dalla
29th May 2013


Dear Denzil and The Committee,

Thanks for your generous donation for the "water tank" at Zawgyi. May God bless you and shower down His special graces that you all need for both body and soul. I will inform the sisters from ZawGiy. They will be very happy to hear the good news and the children will also be happy and I will ask them to pray for all the benefactors. Thank you so much for the gift which you have sent. I've just got it this evening at 5 pm. Now I am looking for someone who will be going up to Mandalay so that I can send it and they can enjoy. Thanks again for your gift and please kindly tell all the benefactors. May God bless you grant you the necessary graces you need both Spiritual and temporal.

Yours in Christ,

Sr. Rita 
St.Joseph’s Orphanage
289(B) Pyay Road 
Sanchaung. P.O. 11111                                                                                                        
28th May 2013


View a slide show of our Charity Program in Burma

View a slideshow of our February 2013 Charity visit to Burma
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