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Mission Statement

To promote facilitate and achieve better understanding, closer relationships and mutual appreciation, advancement and co-operation among the Burmese, and other Australian communities by Social, Cultural, Welfare, Charitable and Educational activities and programs.

The Association has a membership of approximately 300 persons which is the largest such membership in Western Australia. With the support of these members we are able to advise Government and other agencies for the community’s benefit. It is therefore desirable that the Burmese community be united with one voice in order to gain the maximum standing among the wider Australian society. The membership support is one way of increasing our community’s standing.

The Association is governed by a Constitution and managed by 11 elected management committee members who are all volunteers. Committee members meet monthly to discuss the Association’s business and other activities.

Our main activities include a monthly Burmese food fete which is a very lively and tasty event. At these events all members of the community including first, second and third generation Burmese-Australians can be seen there socialising.

Social events and gatherings such as dances are held in community halls throughout the metropolitan area.

The Association is widely recognised by Government and other bodies and is regularly consulted on matters of migration, multicultural affairs and in times of natural disaster assistance in Burma such as the Cyclone Nargis devastation of 2008.


Our 50th AGM was held on 4th. October 2015.

The AGM was preceded by a Special General Meeting to decide on a proposal to purchase an investment property utilising the Building Fund. This proposal was defeated with the general consensus being to explore the matter further through workshops and consultation. A working party has been set-up for this purpose.

Life Membership Awards were presented to Denise and Bryan Alexander, Ron Maw and Michael Hutton for their 10 + years of dedication and service to the Association. These awards are presented under the following criteria as specified in our Constitution:

“A person who has shown distinctive merits, and been an active member in support of the Burmese Community for a period of not less than 10 years of service. The Management Committee will be allowed the discretion to nominate individuals for “Life Membership” to the Annual General Meeting. In summary, Life Members, pay no membership fees, can vote, and are eligible to serve on the Management Committee.” Our congratulations and gratitude to these well-deserved recipients.

The AGM followed with the standard agenda items and concluded with the successful election of the Management Committee for 2015/16 as follows:

President Michael Hutton
Vice President Albert Meyerkort
Secretary Alberta Abreu
Treasurer Denise Alexander
Seniors Representative Betty Johnson
Assistant Seniors Rep. Robena Kerth
Membership Bryan Alexander
Committee Member Ron Maw
Committee Member Hilary Cullen
Marketing & Promotions Sabrina Lynsdale
Committee Member Glenn Thomas

Congratulations to all our committee members on their nominations and subsequent election to office. Are you a member, and do you feel you have something to contribute to the community whilst gaining a degree of satisfaction together with experience; if so you are encouraged to nominate for a position on the Management Committee. Nomination forms are sent out together with the AGM notice around one month before the AGM.

Our thanks go to Mr. Dicky Walton for performing the duties of the “Returning Officer” which was conducted in a very professional manner.

An opportunity to mingle with fellow members and share some refreshments was provided before the meeting was concluded.



Our Constitution

Our new Constitution was ratified by the Department of Commerce in November 2009.

You can download a copy of our Constitution here.





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